Securing Success at Home and Abroad

Special Security Mission

Special Security Mission

특수 보안 솔루션

Special Security Service

• 공항, 항만, 방송국 등 특수시설 보안
• 전시장, 박람회장, 경기장 시설 보안
• 항공기, 선박, 수퍼카 등 주요 물품 안전관리
• 군 및 경찰 사격장 위험지역 안전관리

• Security of special facilities such as airports, ports, broadcasting stations, etc
• Security of exhibition halls, exhibition halls, and stadium facilities
• Safety management of major goods such as aircraft, ships, supercars, etc
• Safety management of dangerous areas in military and police shooting ranges

counter-terrorism to the rescue of hostages

• 전쟁국가, 분쟁지역 등 위기대응 임무
• 신속대응팀 파견으로 방어시스템 구축
• 중동, 아프리카에서의 자국민 탈출업무지원
• 인질구출 및 협상전개 임무수행
• 오일, 가스필드 등 위험지역 응급환자 이송 임무

• Crisis Response Mission in Warring States, Conflict Areas, etc
• Deploy a defense system with a quick response team
• Support for the escape operations of its citizens in the Middle East and Africa
• Performing hostage rescue and negotiation deployment missions
• Emergency patient transfer mission to dangerous areas such as oil and gas ..fields

Search Equipment Operations

• X-RAY MD 임대 및 검색업무
• 폭발물 탐지 및 제거 작업
• 생화학무기 탐지기 운영 및 제거 업무
• 드론 정찰기 운영 및 위험물 탐지 작업
• EMP GUN 활용 불법 드론 격추 작업

• X-RAY MD leasing and search operations
• Explosive detection and removal operations
• Operation and removal of biological and chemical weapons detectors
• Operation of drone reconnaissance aircraft and detection of dangerous goods
• Illegal drone shooting using EMP GUN

eavesdropping detection

• 도청이 필요한 CEO실, 임원실, 회의실, 사무실 등 탐지업무
• 차량 위치추적 탐지/검사
• 몰래카메라 탐지/검사
• 스마트폰 해킹 검사

• Detection of CEO's office, executive office, conference room, office, etc. ..requiring eavesdropping
• Vehicle positioning detection/inspection
• Hidden camera detection/inspection
• Smartphone hacking check

Bullet-K deployed security personnel at UN property premises after the attack in Afghanistan in 2009 and implements 24 hour security guarding about UN organizations including UNHCR, the World Food Plan(UNWFP), UN Humanitarian Air Service at Kabul and Kandahar.