Private Detectives and Investigation

민간 조사 서비스


We serve high net worth individuals with their Private Investigation needs including finding lost family or missing people, background checks, child custody investigation, or infidelity.


we offer a range of Due Diligence services for foreign businesses such as Company Investigations, Employee Surveillance, and pre-Employment Screening.


We offer a range of services for corporate investors such as Individual and Company Background Checks, Business Credit Reports, Intellectual Property Reports and more.

Insurance Companies

We serve high net worth individuals with their Private Investigation needs including finding lost family or missing people, background checks, child custody investigation, or infidelity.

Law Firms

Provides legal support services, such as legal services (legal documents), and provides government records, witness services, and asset investigations to law firms and lawyers.


Our private investigations and security services can also help with private detective services, surveillance, cheating spouse investigations, as well as security and executive protection. They will include the necessary threat, security and vulnerability assessments, corporate security assessments and security assessments make the appropriate make the appropriate recommendations to mitigate your risks..

당사의 개인 수사 및 보안 서비스는 개인 탐정 서비스, 감시, 배우자 조사뿐만 아니라 보안 및 임원 보호에도 도움을 줄 수 있습니다. 여기에는 필요한 위협, 보안 및 취약성 평가, 기업 보안 평가 및 보안 평가가 포함되며, 귀하의 위험을 완화하기 위한 적절한 권장 사항을 제시합니다.

personal investigation

A private investigator possesses the ability to access locations, undertake actions, and collect information that may be challenging for you to obtain independently. They come equipped with the time, expertise, and resources necessary to carry out investigative tasks, sparing you from significant disruptions to your daily life. Private investigators thoroughly assess your situation and formulate a well-organized strategy to provide you with the answers you seek, all while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and attention to detail. Most private investigators have prior experience in law enforcement or the military, having received specialized training in investigating individuals and crimes. Additionally, many private investigators are well-versed and skilled in the field of computer forensics. Armed with advanced surveillance techniques and analytical capabilities, a private investigator possesses the knowledge and expertise to address your specific concerns effectively..

개인 수사관은 독자적으로 얻기 어려울 수 있는 정보를 수집하고, 장소에 접근하여 행동을 취할 수 있습니다. 그들은 수사 업무를 수행하는 데 필요한 시간과 전문 지식, 자료를 갖추고 있어 일상 생활에 큰 지장을 주지 않습니다. 개인 수사관은 최대한의 기밀 유지와 세부 사항에 주의를 기울이면서 자신의 상황을 철저히 분석하고, 자신이 원하는 답을 제공할 수 있는 체계적인 방법을 마련합니다.

Private Detectives and Investigation


Track missing people, cheating spouses, dishonest employees or insurance fraud.


Track or investigate an affair, adultary, cheating partner or spouse

Find Missing Persons

Find All Missing Types in the Country

Personal Background

A background check on marriage, money problems, fraud, etc.

Find Lost Family

The search task of a person who has lost a family or a legal heir.

Corporate Investigation

A corporate investigation is the thorough investigation of a corporation or business in order to uncover wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. There are many aspects of corporate investigations and they can vary significantly based on your needs. For example, corporate investigations can uncover if a business partner is legitimate, whether an employee is stealing from the company, or reveal fraud and embezzlement, just to name a few. A corporate investigator’s main job, though, is ensuring a company is running smoothly and within the law..

기업 조사는 경영진, 직원 또는 제3자가 저지른 잘못을 밝히기 위해 기업이나 기업을 철저히 조사하는 것입니다. 기업 조사에는 여러 가지 측면이 있으며 필요에 따라 크게 달라질 수 있습니다. 예를 들어, 기업 조사는 비즈니스 파트너가 합법적인지, 직원이 회사를 훔치고 있는지 또는 사기와 횡령을 밝힐 수 있습니다. 그러나 기업 조사관의 주요 업무는 회사가 법 안에서 원활하게 운영되고 있는지 확인하는 것입니다.

Private Detectives and Investigation

Business Background Checks

Investigate Company related information, Perform Due Diligence, Background Checks for business.

Asset Search

Locate hidden assets based on court orders, bank accounts, real estate properties, etc.

Employee Fraud

We gather evidence of fraudulent activities of employees or directors.

Intellectual Property

Obtain counterfeited brand goods, forged items, parts, and trade mark infringements.

Pre-employment Screening

Verify applicant education, employment history and references.

Attorneys and Law Firms

We can gather evidence of your case or trial, provide you with services such as finding people or witnesses, conducting asset checks, verifying information that is favorable to negotiation, witness interviewing, litigation support, and more.

Private Detectives and Investigation

Service of Process

Witness Services

Obtain Legal Documents

Search for hidden assets


In addition to domestic private investigation, we have established a cooperative system with overseas private investigation associations to provide up-to-date private investigation work.


GIDA Cooperation


WDA Cooperation


IPIU Cooperation


UKPIN Cooperation


UKPIN Cooperation