Supply chain and logistics security from Farsight Security Services


Bullet-K is responsible for operations in the Middle East and Africa, including oil and gas industrial areas, patient emergency transport, passengers, and small-scale cargo transport.

Logistics Security Services

• 현금, 귀금속, 유가증권 호송
• 미술품, 국보, 보물 호송
• 기자재, 화약류 등 안전 수송 업무
• 인공위성, 군수 물자 등 수송 업무

• Cash, precious metals, securities escorted
• Artwork, National Treasures, and Treasure Convoy
• Safety transportation of equipment, explosives, etc
• Transportation of satellites, military supplies, etc

transportation equipment

• 특수 제작된 차량 보유
• 보유 모든 차량 추적장치(GPS) 장착
• 모든 호송요원 가스총, 충격기, 삼단봉, 통신장비 휴대
• 특수 호위 방탄 차량 에스코트

• Bullet-K Have a specially built vehicle
• All vehicle tracking devices (GPS) fitted
• All convoys carry gas guns, shockers, three-stage rods, communication
• Special Escort Bulletproof Vehicle Escort

transportation specialist

• 전문 호송 특수 요원 배치
• 특수부대 출신자 선발 및 구성
• 무술 4단 이상 고단자 구성
• 해외 파견 전문가로 구성 임무 수행

• Specialist Convoy Special Agent Deployment
• Selection and composition of personnel from special forces
• Composition of high-level martial arts players with 4 or higher levels
• Commit configuration as an overseas dispatch specialist

Domestic and overseas routes

• 24시간 추적으로 안전 루트 확보
• 비상사태 발생 시 지원 및 추적팀 가동
• 해외 수송 업무 시 각국 지사와 합동 수송
• 보험 가입을 통한 피해 최소화

• Secure the safe route with 24-hour tracking
• Support and tracking team in case of emergency
• Joint transportation with branch offices in overseas transportation
• Minimize damage through insurance

We are playing a leading role as strategic partners in emergency situations.