Supply chain and logistics security from Farsight Security Services


Security in logistics: protecting your supply chain

Bullet-K is responsible for operations in the Middle East and Africa, including oil and gas industrial areas, patient emergency transport, passengers, and small-scale cargo transport.

물류 보안: 공급망 보호

We are playing a leading role as strategic partners in emergency situations.

APT(Armed Protection Teams)는 48시간 전에 작전 지역에서 발생할 수 있는 위협에 대한 정보를 수집하고 종합적인 호송 서비스를 제공합니다. 위험 수준에 따라 보호 및 비공격적 전략을 유지하는 APT는 한 팀에 4명의 보호 요원을 제공합니다. 현지 군대 및 경찰과 협력하여 공항 터치다운부터 목적지 도착까지 고객을 보호합니다.

Logistics Security Service

현금, 귀금속, 유가증권 호송
미술품, 국보, 보물 호송
기자재, 화약류 등 안전 수송
인공위성, 군수 물자 등 수송

Cash, precious metals, securities escorted
Artwork, National Treasures, and Treasure Convoy
Safety transportation of equipment, explosives, etc
Transportation of satellites, military supplies, etc

transportation equipment

특수 제작된 차량 보유
보유 모든 차량 추적장치(GPS) 장착
모든 호송요원 가스총, 충격기, 삼단봉, 통신장비 휴대
특수 호위 방탄 차량 에스코트

Bullet-K Have a specially built vehicle
All vehicle tracking devices (GPS) fitted
All convoys carry gas guns, shockers, three-stage rods, communication
Special Escort Bulletproof Vehicle Escort

transportation specialist

분쟁국가 전문 호송 특수 요원 배치
특수부대 출신자 선발 및 구성
무술 4단 이상 고단자 구성
해외 파견 전문가로 구성 임무 수행

Specialist Convoy Special Agent Deployment
Selection and composition of personnel from special forces
Composition of high-level martial arts players with 4 or higher levels
Commit configuration as an overseas dispatch specialist

Domestic and overseas routes

24시간 추적으로 안전 루트 확보
비상사태 발생 시 지원 및 추적팀 가동
해외 수송 업무 시 각국 지사와 합동 수송
보험 가입을 통한 피해 최소화

Secure the safe route with 24-hour tracking
Support and tracking team in case of emergency
Joint transportation with branch offices in overseas transportation
Minimize damage through insurance

Security Operations & Logistics Security operations and logistics are designed to facilitate the safe management and movement of people, goods, information and other resources between a specific point of origin and its final destination. In some cases these same strategies can be applied to fixed locations as well. In order to address these matters, our seasoned Executive Protection teams are given specific checklists, along with carefully vetted intelligence. The process of developing a strategic security plan involves the coordination of resources, personnel and information such as, cultural & religious beliefs, government ideology, transportation systems, medical care facilities and local law enforcement. This, combined with current validated intelligence, will allow our protection team to formulate contingent responses and strategies which significantly reduce risk.


Cargo convoy services

APT(Armed Protection Teams) gather information about potential threats in the operational area up to 48 hours in advance and provide comprehensive escort services. Depending on the level of risk, APT maintains protective and non-aggressive strategies, offering four protection agents per team.

Collaborating with local military and police, APT ensures the protection of clients from airport touchdown to destination arrival.