As security and security search operations become more granular and specialized, Bullet-K provides rental service to all of its equipment.

Search equipment rental business

  • Renting search equipment
  • Install search equipment
  • Provides search and operation services for expert search personnel

When using rental equipment

  • Initial purchase cost of equipment
  • Installation and storage of equipment
  • This service reduces the burden of equipment maintenance and other costs

Classification of rental security search equipment

Personal Search Equipment

33 Multi-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

Multi-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

  • The 33 Zone positioning system is the most sophisticated method for troubleshooting problems with indirect vision that occurred with traditional 18-zone display. Bidirectional detection with both panels in place also ensures that the sensitivity imbalance due to the single-directional difference in transmission sensitivity is not created, but it is possible to position the two panels separately.
  • With accurate waveform analysis and the application of the fastest operation speed of the DSP circuit, the response is also adjustable by metal type, enabling the equipment to be configured for applications and situations. For example, security search is intended to provide a program to increase the responsiveness of all metal objects, and to prevent the inflow of electronic products and withdrawal, a program can be applied. Six kinds of detection programs are standard, and the user can choose them easily by operating them.

Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

  • Model PC 15,000 s is a portable type of metal detector with a poly Ethylene (PE) exterior that is not at all prone to damage during transport or field installations, and is very resistant to high levels of moisture or moisture during storage.
  • Zone Indication Matrix is attached to the controller to indicate the detection location.
  • Supplied with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

Portable Walk Through Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector (Model PC150)

  • Linear Detection is the latest generation high sensitivity product for detection of hidden electronics as well as deadly weapons.
  • Vibration function enables the user to use the system in noisy or static areas and provides a sense of psychological stability by preventing provocative sounds.
  • The sensitivity reduction button is fitted, which enables it to be used next to an iron door or near large metal structures.

Key data

  • Warning Lamp : If a metallic object is detected, a red warning lamp and an alarm or vibration are generated.
  • Sensitivity Reduction Button : Press the button installed on the right to enable it to be used without malfunction next to a larger steel structure, such as an iron gate.
  • Low voltage warning indicator : The low voltage warning indicator will illuminate when the battery is exhausted or charging is required.

Model JI-88H, Model PC-150

Cargo Search Equipment

X-ray scanner

Introduction of equipment

  • The BV5030 CA X-ray baggage browser offers vivid color images in seven colors by the Dual Energy method and is difficult to operate even with non-skilled X-ray equipment.
  • Organic materials, such as bags, clothes, and books, are colored orange and inorganic materials such as metallic objects and plastic are colored green, enabling clear images and material separation to be made clear.
  • These search images are saved as image files.


Introduction of equipment

Handheld Explosive Detector (Model PILOT M-1)

  • A portable explosive detector is a device used to detect explosives in a bag or box that identifies explosives by breathing in air or sampling equipment and analyzing tiny particles.
  • Model Pilot M-1 can boot up to 10 seconds, then has an analysis time of explosives in less than a second, enabling near real-time and continuous detection.
  • When explosives are detected, cleaning is not required, as other models can be used for cleaning without the need for lengthy periods of time and without the need for supplies required for cumbersome cleaning.
  • It has the refinement of being detected by the unit of a picogram and can be marked for the type of explosive.
  • Since the equipment does not use radioactive isotopes, it is safe for search personnel and nearby people in the event of damage to the equipment.

Key data

  • Detection system : IMS system
  • Detected explosives : C4, TNT, PETN Semtex, RDX, ANFODM NB, EGDN, o- MNT-ammonium, Ureanitrates, peroxides, all kinds of explosives
  • Detection mode : Vapour / Particulate
  • Analysis Time : Less than 1 second
  • Size : 30 x 19 x 9cm
  • Weight : 2 kg

Vehicle Search Equipment

Under Vehicle Search Mirror (Model JI-911SM)

Model JI-911SM

Under Vehicle Search Mirror (Model JI-911SM)

  • The underside of the vehicle is easier to access, but is also relatively easier to fit, as it is hard to see with the naked eye, such as a bomb. Also, there are many difficulties in searching because such hazards need to be bent down to retrieve.
  • To eliminate this difficulty, the device is designed to be used to search under the vehicle.
  • The model JI-11 SM consists of round convex mirrors with a diameter of 250mm and its material is made of acrylic so they are less likely to be damaged by impact, and the beam is very light and free to control their length with two end bars. If you increase the length of the bar, you can also search the loading dock of a larger truck.
  • LED lighting can be used in dark places or at night.
  • Balls and mirrors can be placed in portable storage bags that can be easily removed without tools.

Key data

  • Mirror : 250mm / Acrylic materialThe bottom of the mirror has 3 sliding wheels.
  • Lighting : Insert 3 LED water-proof RentonAAA batteries
  • Bar : 700 mm to 1500 mm
  • Weight : 1.2 kg

Key locations of use

  • 12 international domestic airports and seaports around the country, including Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport and Busan Harbor.
  • Major government offices, including the Government Complex, the Supreme Public Prosecutors ‘ Office, and the Court.
  • Security and Police Agency and the National Police Agency.
  • The Ministry of Defence, the Defense Command, the Air Force Base and key military units.
  • Domestic and international conglomerates including Samsung Electronics.

Model JI-911SM

Vehicle Searching System


Vehicle Searching System (Model JI-UVSS)

  • The vehicle browser is a screen that displays the licensed and unlicensed vehicles and dangerous vehicles separately with license plate recognition upon entry to the vehicle. At the same time, it transmits an image of the underside of the vehicle to the laptop to confirm the danger.
  • When searching for a vehicle, it is available with a minimal number of hands and is fully waterproof and can be operated when wet. Automatically detects attached dangerous materials.
  • The vehicle speed is very fast, with a maximum speed of up to 30kmh, and the load can be tolerated up to 30ton, allowing light vehicles to pass through 10 ton trucks, not to mention larger buses.

Screen composition

  • The CCTV windows allow real-time monitoring of the current situation. The Number Incline window will display the vehicle number and the vehicle’s front image, which will be stored in the Info DB window.
  • The lower image window shows the lower image transmitted from the search device in real time, and the lower image window shows the image enlarged to the right when you mouse over it.

Vehicle Searching System

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