About Us

Risk and Opportunities: Bullet-K International believes it can secure the customers’ success by taking their risk with a strong sense of responsibility.

Success depends on the results. We provide diverse solutions and systems to ensure results satisfying the customers’ requirements consistently by enhancing efficiency and safety while mitigating risks. Bullet-K International is a leading company providing protection and security services, risk management, and training and operational services to governments and businesses home and abroad with an outstanding expertise.

Bullet-K International’s overarching mission is to ensure the success of its customers. In order to enhance the safety and success of its customers, it generates diverse synergistic effects with most advanced equipment and professional skills while mitigating risk in securing security and risk management through specialized training programs.

Bullet-K International is equipped with solutions and systems to perform any missions perfectly as its members can provide diverse services as they completed training and field experiences for developing diverse portfolios for security and bodyguard projects based on their experiences in dispute-ridden countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

Bullet-K International ensures the success, safety and security of its customers with the top priority.


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