1. Our Values

Bullet-K International aims to develop a foundation for win-win success with its customers through success based on values of safety and integrity.

Its teams consisting of over 3,000 specialized agents home and abroad provide the essential values of securing safety and efficiency for its customers.

2. Safety

Bullet-K International’s protection and security missions and sense of duties are underpinned by its outstanding safety standards in performing all its missions.

All its members are motivated to maintain their protection and security services as the most critical values with a distinguished sense of responsibility.

As already proven by its inclusive organization, education and programs, Bullet-K International exerts to provide best protection and security services in all aspects of its services.

3. Success

Success depends on the results. Bullet-K International provides results-oriented solutions by enhancing the efficiency and safety while mitigating risks for its customers, employees and communities it is responsible for.

It steadily applies diverse capabilities in order to provide successful services to its customers.

Bullet-K International also exerts to hire employees of the industry best level and provides its employees with opportunities to grow and develop in their career paths by serving as a member of its world top-class teams.

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