Private Detectives and Investigation

Investigators should investigate criminals. However, they can not investigate all incidents because police and prosecution personnel are limited. Foreign countries hire private investigators to make up for the shortcomings in the investigation by state agencies.

For example, if a valuable child disappears but is never found, or if a corporate information is stolen by an industrial spy and damaged an enormous amount of property, you can have a private investigator investigate.

In actuarial cases, you can also use private investigators to gather evidence and look for advantageous evidence. Private investigators are private experts who do what police or prosecutors can not do.

Our Services


we offer a range of Due Diligence services for foreign businesses such as Company Investigations, Employee Surveillance, and pre-Employment Screening.


We offer a range of services for corporate investors such as Individual and Company Background Checks, Business Credit Reports, Intellectual Property Reports and more.

Insurance Companies

Have insurance companies investigate claims of fraud, verify the damages, and examine all types of claims and insurance fraud.


We serve high net worth individuals with their Private Investigation needs including finding lost family or missing people, background checks, child custody investigation, or infidelity.

Law Firms

Provides legal support services, such as legal services (legal documents), and provides government records, witness services, and asset investigations to law firms and lawyers.

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