One of our primary services is to perform in-depth background checks for our clients in order to help them achieve legal, professional or personal safety and security.

Current and Previous Address

Current Phone Number

Family Relation

Identity Record (Date of Birth, Birthplace Etc)

Marriage and Divorce Record Verification

Death Record Verification

Criminal Record Checks

Civil Record Checks

Employment Verification

Current Workplace

Education and License Verification

Bankruptcy, Credit and Suit Records Checks

Reference Check

Property Ownership and Asset Search

Abduction and identification

Locating targets

Asset/property for debt recovery investigation

Support for cases where general legal measures are ineffective

Private Detectives and Investigation


Track missing people, cheating spouses, dishonest employees or insurance fraud.

Infidelity Investigations

Track or investigate an affair, adultary, cheating partner or spouse

Find Missing Persons

Find All Missing Types in the Country

Personal Background

A background check on marriage, money problems, fraud, etc.

Find Lost Family

The search task of a person who has lost a family or a legal heir.

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