We specialize in due diligence in all aspects of business or commercial business transactions. We have the information we need to trust our partners and set the terms and conditions provide.

Surveillance of Industrial Spy

Security Surveillance

Registration Information

Address, Capital, Shareholder, Director, Other Information

Corporate Profile

Director or Shareholder Background Checks

Bankruptcy, Credit and Suit Records Checks

Reputation and Condition Check

Due Diligence

Asset Search

A disguised job search

Brand implementation and protection service

Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Service


Business Background Checks

Investigate Company related information, Perform Due Diligence, Background Checks for business.

Asset Search

Locate hidden assets based on court orders, bank accounts, real estate properties, etc.

Employee Fraud

We gather evidence of fraudulent activities of employees or directors.

Intellectual Property

Obtain counterfeited brand goods, forged items, parts, and trade mark infringements.

Pre-employment Screening

Verify applicant education, employment history and references.

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