Lawyers, law firms, and legal counsel use law enforcement services to quickly and efficiently identify corporate litigation, or whitelist fraud.

We can gather evidence of your case or trial, provide you with services such as finding people or witnesses, conducting asset checks, verifying information that is favorable to negotiation, witness interviewing, litigation support, and more.

Track the address of an individual whose current address is unknown

Supplemental Process Service to process jurisdictions quickly with official services

Find an eyewitness

Witness interview and testimony

Create a litigation report

Testimony in court

Background investigation

Evidence investigation

Review and evaluate cases of police investigation

Various Legal Documents Assistance related to Family law and Civil law

Marriage and Divorce Related Various Documents

Petition, Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution, Summon, Response, Judgement Etc Child Support and Child Custody Related Documents

Spousal Support or Domestic Partnership Related Documents

Civil Related Various Documents

Our Services

Service of Process

Witness Services

Obtain Legal Documents

International Property Ownership & Hidden Asset Search

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