Like the US Blackwater ... Make a Chinese ‘ Private Military Company '

2019-03-27 13:51

Overseas Chinese companies protection / global security / company promotion

China will pursue ways to foster global security and security companies such as the United States' Black Water. This is because the need for securing the safety of Chinese companies and Chinese people who are going abroad due to the one-on-one project (one-way road: meat, sea silk road) .

Blackwater, now renamed "Xe Service," is the world's largest private security and security company, which trains 100,000 people and deploys 23,500 people around the world. According to the Hong Kong South China Morning Post (SCMP) on 16th, the Chinese government is discussing ways to foster global security and security companies, and to create a government agency that will manage the security and security companies operating overseas. In this discussion, experts such as National Security Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, and the National Police Agency and related ministries such as the China Mingong Ahn University and the Chinese Law School are participating.

There are about 30,000 Chinese companies in the world. There are a million Chinese working abroad. One-to-one project is being carried out in 65 countries including Central Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. These include countries suffering from terrorism and civil war such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Yemen.

In Pakistan, the military provides security and security services for Chinese companies, but there are as many as 44 Chinese killed since 2014. The security and security expenses of the three major energy state-owned companies (Sinopec Group), CNPC (CNOOC), and CNOOC) will be about 250 billion U.S. dollars.

However, the vast amount of money spent on security and security will go to foreign companies. The Frontier Services Group (FSG) established by Blackwater founder Eric Prince in Hong Kong and China provides services to some 20 Chinese companies in the Middle East and Africa. Although China has more than 5,000 security and security companies, only six are equipped with systems and capabilities to provide services overseas. The Chinese government believes that even these companies are significantly inferior compared to global companies.

" Chinese security and security companies are lagging far behind global companies in their ability to speak foreign languages and make local human networks. " said the newspaper.