KAI resumes delivery of FA-50 fighter aircraft to Iraq suspended by IS

2019-03-27 13:49

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has resumed deliveries of the Korean light aircraft FA-50 to Iraq. According to industry sources, KAI recently delivered six additional FA-50s to Iraq. KAI signed a supply contract with the Iraqi government in December 2013 for 24 FA-50s. The contract size was $ 1.1 billion (about KRW 1.2 trillion), including 24 FA-50s and pilot training. The company also signed a $ 1 billion contract for follow-up support for 20 years, including parts and training support. The total export volume is 2.20 trillion won. KAI was scheduled to deliver its first production in October 2015 and deliver the rest of the attack aircraft to Iraq by October 2016. However, the delivery schedule has been delayed due to the destruction of the airport due to the Sunni Islamic state (IS). It has resumed deliveries of delayed fighters since the recent local situation has improved. KAI delivered six additional units this year, six of them last year, and delivered a total of 12 units. The rest will be delivered according to local circumstances.