IS pre-fight finishing ... "US withdrawal from Iraq

2019-03-27 13:45

Sunni Islamic militants (IS) were reported to have been withdrawn to Afghanistan after their repatriation was completed and US troops stationed in Iraq were released. AP and Reuters reported that US forces in Iraq, which ended the war with IS, began to reduce their troop size. The AP quoted civil contractors at US military bases in Iraq, saying, "US soldiers, weapons and military equipment are being transferred from Iraq to Afghanistan.

The United States was stationed in Iraq during the second Gulf War in 2003 and then withdrew in December 2011. In the middle of 2014, as the IS expanded rapidly, the United States deployed 1,600 US troops to defeat the IS. Since then, there have been two more reinforcements and now some 5200 people are stationed in Iraq, including Special Forces. Including the US embassy security forces in Baghdad. VOA said a senior Iraqi official said that 60 percent of US troops will be withdrawn from the US-Iraq agreement, and 4,000 troops will remain in Iraq for military training.